François Bernard

Agence Croisements

Nothing escapes this shrewd observer of the things of the world. For this graduate of the ENSAD, and after a detour studying Far Eastern languages, the sociological understanding of behaviors, just like art history, is instructive and enlightening about the evolution of tastes and styles. “Dishing out trends by the bucketful doesn’t interest me,” acknowledges the stylist, who is passionate about “intelligent marketing”. Working in different style and design firms, he refined his methodology. As the founder of the firm Croisements, his approach is both subtle and rigorous, which has led him to work with major distributors such as Leroy Merlin, La Redoute (AM-PM catalogue) and distribution groups in France as well as abroad. He gives purchasing advice, designs products, predicts evolutions in style. Opposed to radical change, he looks to business culture itself to help it evolve, while giving commerce new interpretive readings.

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