Elizabeth Leriche

Elizabeth Leriche Agency

bio enThis stylist began her professional experience creating fabrics. After studies at the Ecole du Louvre and a short stint with the decorator Agnès Comar, she collaborated with the Agence Nelly Rodi as part of the department devoted to the world of the home and the art of living. With that expertise under her belt, she struck out on a new path and created her own structure. Major companies were soon won over by her poetic feel for colors and materials. 3 Suisses, Roche Bobois, Asiatides, Le Printemps, the Bijorhca salon, and the big fabric producers called on her serene and reassuring approach. Her taste for happiness and well-being led her to favor lightness, softness, and humor. “My approach is based on the affective and feeling. I work with emotional reactions. I add a feminine element with an often playful perspective. I aim to always surprise.” She’s hit her target.

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