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At each edition of MAISON&OBJET, we identify new sources of inspiration and analyse current trends and new types of consumer behaviour.

MAISON&OBJET introduces Virtuous

This September, MAISON&OBJET presents “Virtuous” that heralds an awakening awareness of environmental concerns, which opens new perspectives for a socially responsible lifestyle. This philosophy advocating respect for the environment and those who live in it is now bringing its values to the world of lifestyle.

Six exhibition spaces invite you on a convivial voyage of discovery of this new force in action that will be beneficial to one and all: the Virtuous Factory, the Virtuous Design, the Virtuous Makers, the Virtuous Stories, the Virtuous Store, the Virtuous Kid Room.

General design and artistic direction: Agence NellyRodi. Exhibition design Atelier Jankovic De Thy at the request of Agence NellyRodi

Trend Mook Virtuous

In September, MAISON&OBJET’s “Inspirations Book” gets a brand new format!

The Trend Mook is designed to be a tool to stimulate you and aid in your prospection. It analyses trends, explores major evolutions in society and paves the way for your discovery of the emerging sectors of creativity and innovation.

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