Inspirations 2018


In January 2018, it is NellyRodi’s turn to design the Inspirations Space and the Café-Bookstore around the SHOW-ROOM concept, a concept that emerged as a result of the investigative work carried out by NellyRodi’s team of consultants into a variety of societal, industry and marketing topics. This concept will also be further discussed in light of the broader context of lifestyle trends at L’Espace Conférences.


Inspirations Space: 360° view

The inspirations book No32

Find inspiration one page at a time: above and beyond the trade show itself, the theme is presented in the Inspirations Book.

In our digital times, a whole world of lifestyles is just a click away. The well-honed online consumer becomes the artistic director and designer of his/her interior and social networks do the spadework, clearing the ground and only leaving objects of desire. Homemakers indulge in a form of decorative exhibitionism and, with transparency in every shape, size and form, showcase their significant objects in display cases or on shelves. Walls show off these new collectors’ juxtaposed accumulation of pictures, or their modern-day take on decorative plates; still lifes are arranged as if posing to have their photo taken ready to be posted on Instagram; and light transforms volumes in a dramatic and theatrical approach to interiors that brings a touch of magic back into everyday life. Click to say you ‘like’ it and make sure to share.

Produced by the MAISON&OBJET Observatoire and published in a limited edition of 1,000 copies to accompany each edition of the show. The Inspirations Book is a must-have tool for all home and decoration professionals. Its contents include a presentation of cultural and sociological references, interviews with professionals and suggestions for on trend creative scenarios (materials, colours and finishing touches etc).

130€ / Order by mail.

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