Inspirations 2016/2017


Enter the game, this realm rich of signs, shapes, colours and tales and reset creation. The playful spirit feeds from the board gaming aesthetic but also from gambling or balance game. Draughtboards, pawns, card games, dices, dominos, tarots … There is always a good reason to have fun. The rule of the game ? Dramatize the settings, betting on a joyful and elegant maximalism, we pick the Beautiful Bizarre card. The luxury of this new decorative art sees red. Sensual materials and precious know how beat the house. The game plays with conventions, time periods, styles and types. Dadaïst collages and juxtapositions of heterogeneous elements reshuffle the cards of the unexpected. The die is cast. Your turn.

The inspirations book No29

Get inspired, page by page.
Created by the MAISON&OBJET Observatoire and published in a limited edition of 1,000 copies, the «Inspirations» books are indispensible tools for all professionals working in fashion, decoration and the home.

It is an indispensable tool for professionals which complements and enriches the work
presented in the Inspirations space, to be discovered hall 7.

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