Inspirations 2017


Let us take you away from the uncomfortable zones of an unstable world, a place where you don’t feel safe. It is high time to take on board the new parameters of how to live ‘the good life’ at home. On the agenda: achieving physical calm and peace of mind. In response to our desire for rest and tranquillity, curves replace straight lines and shapes become more enveloping, becoming as protective as a snugly down jacket and as reassuring as a child’s favourite cuddly toy. Chairs that look just like funny cushions on legs are perfect for relaxing and ultra soft fabrics enhance the sensation of well-being. References to bubbles, balls, nests and clouds, not forgetting peas in a pod, have inspired the creative imagination of designers to create a new generation of connected-cocoon. Toned-down pastels and pale pink hues wash away tension in a new chic interior that highlights the refined décor. Both eco homes and passive houses dream of an Eden-like interior, but workspace architecture also endeavours to optimise serenity on a day-to-day basis and innovative new technologies serve the cause of well-being. Warm and convivial, the contemporary take on comfort is resolutely comforting: 100% feel good.

The inspirations book No31

Get inspired, page by page.
Created by the MAISON&OBJET Observatoire and published in a limited edition of 1,000 copies,
the «Inspirations» books are indispensible tools for all professionals working in fashion,
decoration and the home.

It is an indispensable tool for professionals which complements and enriches the work
presented in the Inspirations space, to be discovered hall 7.

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