Conferences - September 2017


From hospitality to retail, from exceptional designers to advanced solutions for interior design and trend analyses, L’ESPACE CONFERENCES will host 5 to 6 lectures a day. In partnership with Engel & Völkers

11:00 – 11:45am

Trend: Comfort Zone: Experiencing Color

Annie-Mollard-Desfour, linguist and color specialist at the CNRS, Cécile Pesce, silk and print designer at Hermès & Frédéric Bodet, curator of 20th-century collections and of this exhibit

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12:00 – 12:45pm

Innovation: Hotel Design - an experiment in new ways of living ?

Tina Norden, Project Director, Conran and Partners, Werner Aisslinger, designer and founder of Studio Aisslinger, Nathalie ROZENCWAJG, RARE, Paris, moderated by Guy Dittrich, editor-at-large at Sleeper Magazine

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01:00 – 01:45pm

Lifestyle: Inspiring creativity: How do brands shape and replenish their imaginary universes to resonate with changing times?

Christophe Pradère, CEO & founder of BETC Design & Rémy Oudghiri, Sociologist and Deputy Director General of Sociovision

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02:00 – 02:45pm

Lifestyle : Reductionism in the age of excess

#INSPIREDBYVELAR GERRY McGOVERN with Gerry McGovern Chief Design Officer - Land Rover & Victoria Wilmotte Designer

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03:00 – 03:45pm

Interior Design: Modernising an Icon- the reincarnation of the Hôtel de Crillon

Tristan Auer, designer & interior designer, Chahan Minassian, interior designer, Aline Asmar d'Amman, architect, moderated by Guy Dittrich, editor-at-large, Sleeper Magazine

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04:00 – 04:45pm

Interview: "When China meets Western Design" organized by DesignChain

Bruno Moinard, President of Bruno Moinard Editions and 4BI Associes ; Chi Wing Lo, Founder of Dimensione Chi Wing Lo and 1ness ; Guangci Qu, Founder of X+Q Art ; Kot Ge, Founder of LSDCASA moderated by Haijin Ma, Chief-editor of Designwire

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Advice and innovation dedicated to retail outlets Exploring best practices, studying emerging trends and sharing experiences cutting-edge debates/workshops conducted by retail specialists.

12:00 – 12:30pm

Storytelling & Storydoing, a disruptive approach to creating an optimal customer experience

Wided Batat, co-founder of B&C Consulting Group

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01:00 – 01:30pm

Digital strategy: How to build and manage your brand on Houzz ?

Sonia Taourghi, International Brand Advertising Operations Manager at Houzz

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02:00 – 02:30pm

Merchandising:Trending Retail with Colors: How to reshape design and revolutionize retail with the right colors.

Karen Neumann, colorist and products designer

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03:00 – 03:30pm

Benchmarking: The digitalization of retail outlets, or "phygitalization": when a boutique becomes a physical marketplace

Maxence Dislaire, President and Founder of Improveeze, Phygital Commerce specialist, Alexandre Barillet, Business Development Director for Carmila, owner of 200 shopping centers, a digitally-savvy retail property firm

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04:00 – 04:30pm

Best practice: The right moves to protect your intellectual property rights

Ingrid Zafrani, attorney at Cabinet Hoffman

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04:00 – 05:00pm


Akoustic Arts has developed a brand new technology of directional sound

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05:00 – 06:00pm


Blindfolded, trust your senses, touch, listen and smell…

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MOM space

From Friday to Monday, MOM invites a special guest at 4:30pm — Hall 6 entrance gallery.
Each day, MOM invites on its dedicated space a surprise guest who will speak about the impact of digitalization on our industry.

09:30 – 04:55pm

Best of MOM

Pocket arcade by NEO LEGEND ARCADE 2.0, try your luck to win this Best of MOM product

04:30 – 04:45pm

Wided Batat

Co-founder of B&C Consulting Group

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