Society of British and International Design (SBID)

MAISON&OBJET are proud to have developed a long-term partnership with SBID (the Society of British and International Design) over the last few years, and delighted to see this partnership going from strength to strength.

MAISON&OBJET sponsored the SBID ‘Retail Design’ category at their prestigious international design awards and will be renewing its sponsorship in 2016 by backing their ‘Restaurant Design’ category

The Society of British and International Design (SBID) was incorporated to equally represent the interests of manufacturers, practitioners and education. The objective of the Society is to promote the profession and, in doing so at the highest level of competence and design, bring protection to the consumer by creating a clear separation between those that are professional and those that are hobbyist or untrained.

SBID guides and measures the profession’s trading standards through practice, competence and education. We steer and aid our members, increasing their profile, protecting and promoting their reputation and creating new opportunities.
SBID is the only interior design organisation within the UK to be inducted into the European Council of Interior Architects (ECIA) – the highest level of measured knowledge and best practice for interior design throughout Europe. Thus SBID is the industry bearer for professional British interior design, opening new markets for the UK where previously, due to a lack of standards, Britain had been excluded.

Blainey North / Conservatory.

Blainey North / Conservatory.

Members qualified to join SBID are interior designers, architects, manufacturers, developers, specifiers and design professionals. You do not need to be located or practice in the UK to be a member of SBID, however, membership is a symbol of design excellence.

Additionally, SBID hosts one of the most prestigious and enjoyable events in the design industry calendar, the SBID International Design Awards 2016. 14 categories of design excellence will be rigorously measured. These include best KBB Project, best Residential Design Project over £1 Million, or Best Hotel Design. MAISON&OBJET are sponsors of the Restaurant Design category.

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