In September there will be a whole new array of designs of luminous products – walls, ceiling lights in the forms of domes, and dazzling lighting embedded in floors or harmonious light portals, even the transformation of photographs into an immersive visual experience. Unique photographic techniques and printing equipment are revolutionizing how to use and display art with integrated lighting for just about any environment. Authenticity and added value is of import. The latest manufacturing techniques offer a great flexibility of adaptation. There remains a respect however to traditional craftsmanship so that each piece remains unique with the use of both low and high quality materials including aluminium, cast iron, stainless steel, bronze… to reformulate forms and spaces. Blown glass comes from master craftspersons in Germany, Italy and even as far away as Hawaii. Luminous installations work towards the convergence of art and functionality within interiors and exteriors. A great example of this can be seen in the September lighting exhibition by Akari-Lisa Ishii & Motoko Ishii.

The two Japanese art directors have curated an exclusive exhibition entitled, Invisible. They have chosen this theme to show the magic of light (seemingly invisible) visible and to demonstrate that from creation to production, the designer and manufacturer are able to give hidden meaning to each product. The other facet of the exhibition reveals how fastly evolving innovations in lighting technologies put forth a visible destiny for the industry.

Here’s a quick preview of all of our favourites that can be found all over the salon!

ENOSTUDIO - Dewy - See product details on MOM

ACDO / ALVARO CATALAN DE OCON - Candil - See product details on MOM

WK LED CREATIVE LIGHTING - WK LED floor lines - See product details on MOM

GONG BY JO PLISMY - Tarya wall lamp - See product details on MOM

MORA DESIGN - Soft Amazon - See product details on MOM

ELITE DECOR INDUSTRY - Tesori F LED cornices - See product details on MOM

DRAW A LINE - W75+Lamp A - See product details on MOM

OMBRES ET FACETTES - Showroom - See product details on MOM

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