Daniel Lellouche, President and Creative Director, Workshop

  • The inventory: the consumer is hyperconnected by smartphones. The surge Alibaba / Amazon has upset the retail situation. Shopping centers suffer from saturation and standardization. Argh: Downtown boutiques are returing to the cityscape! Because “yes”, consumers love human contact, the sharing of experiences.
  • The new paradigm: the return of Daddy’s store! The “daddy shop”? A sales area, in which the customer comes to meet people of choice: these sellers 2.0, who know how to convey with heart and conviction the story of “their” products!
  • The challenge of storytelling: telling oneself to feed the relationship! Your clients are curious and are asking to better grasp your story and commit to an engagement. What is your approach? What are the reasons for the use of this or that material? Storytelling stimulates envy and transforms the client into an ambassador of a manifesto. Reverse of the medal: by expressing its satisfaction (or dissatisfaction), the customer has the power to make and undo the mark. Beware of the deviations of truth!
  • The storytelling toolbox: it’s all about the rough edges! A sensitivity, a tone, values, geographical origin, character development . But also a story with meaning, coherent, enthusiastic, accompanied by the factual and responding to a need. For the client to experiment, adhere, then carry the story in turn. The customer become an ambassador.
  • The atmosphere: a refreshing intervention, practical cases, questions, the network, inspiring visuals and the gray matter directly exploitable at the point of sale.

Looking forward to tomorrow for the continuation of our Conferences and Workshops!

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