Virginie Moriette, architect, and Xu Ming, designer, founders, Studio MVW – Bénédicte Colpin, Lightboard-Paris for Hanoia – Sam Baron, designer – Moderated by Elodie Palasse-Leroux, journalist.

Elodie Palasse-Leroux questions Xu Ming, Bénédicte Colpin and Sam Baron on the renewal of Asian know-how. Here’s what you missed.

  • Bénédicte Colpin, for the Hanoia brand
    An intention?
    To restore to contemporary taste the art of lacquer preciously preserved by a few Vietnamese craftsman.
    By launching in 2013 the brand Hanoi (objects, jewelry, textile) noted for the ease that it appropriates the contemporary.
    The preservation of ancestral know-how and the growth of a high-end, local and tourist clientele.
  • Xu Ming, for Studio MVW
    An approach?
    Revisit manufacturing protocols by skilfully integrating industrialization and craftsmanship.
    An example?
    The work of bronze by laser cutting and techniques of artisanal oxidation.
    The unavoidable?
    Maintain human contact and ensure financial interest.
  • Sam Baron, for the TRANSFER (S) project
    The idea?
    Shake the capacities of Franco-Thai designers and craftsmen of Chiang Mai with the elaboration, in group, of a collection of 18 tradable pieces.
    Their performance?
    Pieces that sound exotic and timely, soon available at Sentou.
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