How did you get your creative practice started?

I studied Sculpture which came from an eagerness to translate form and play with different fabrication methods. My work has always been seated in a deep preoccupation with materials, how things work, why certain materials react the way they do, what you can create at a material’s point of volatility, fragility, and capturing the momentary. I think working in metal in the past was deeply tied in with these ideas. Steel needs to be manipulated quickly under immense heat, and you have a small window of time and then the outcome is very permanent. This same interest in this momentary point of permanency is also fundamental to the way I work with resin.

How does where you call home inspire your practice?

My idea of home is in flux being half English and half Polish and I feel as though my creative identity has been informed by that. But specifically London is home, and I love that it can hold a mix of cultures and different inspirations whilst having its own very specific feel; it’s got a messy restlessness about it and that’s important to me. Home is London and London inspires me by way of the constant convergence and enrichment.

How do you see your practice evolving within the context of design?

There’s certainly plenty of room to evolve. My work has developed from an art background which has shifted into design too. For me, the tie in both art and design is conveying an idea, so I would love to continue material exploration as a visual language and narrative, but I think for me to evolve, working collaboratively is important to keep my way of thinking susceptible and remain challenged. I have no plans or idea how it will evolve and I hope it remains that way. Freedom to manoeuvre unexpectedly is much more interesting.

How would you inspire young creatives starting out today?

I think I’m still one of them. It’s hard to say how to inspire anybody because you’re putting yourself in the shoes of someone you don’t know – but perhaps it’s more encouragement to learn to inspire yourself. I like teaching people how to make things, passing on knowledge and the tools to enhance other people’s work and abilities.

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