How did you get your creative practice started?

For some reason I always knew I wanted my own practice so after completing MA programme in London I decided to set up the studio. It is easier said than done – first year was quite hard in terms of getting commissions and projects. In those hard times I focused on taking everything on and at the same time started developing ideas for new projects and kept researching ongoing ones.

How does where you call home inspire your practice?

I take most of my inspiration from nature and my family’s heritage which used to be growing flowers on a commercial scale. This ended when I was born so my memories evolve around post industrial landscape of abandoned glass houses, metal pipes and all sort of structures. This weaves in organically into my current practice where I work mostly with waste flowers and metal.

How do you see your practice evolving within the context of design?

Most of the materials I create are either using nature as decoration or have an ageing, evolving factor. I believe in creating pieces that have something which makes us want to keep them, create an emotional bond. The Flora material which changes over time hopefully makes us want to preserve it and observe over time, rather than replace it in a short future.

How would you inspire young creatives starting out today?

I would say stick to something that you are really passionate about and don’t get discouraged by failure. Everything takes time and the more you work on it and believe in it, the bigger chances you have for things to happen. Listen to people but don’t let them discourage you from what you care about.

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