Fabrizio Casiraghi, interior designer – Marion Duclos Mailaender, interior designer and founder, agence Design&fils – Moderated by Dorane Vignando, Journalist

• Who are they?
Fabrizio Casiraghi, a Parisian by adoption, a native of Milan. Marion Duclos Mailaender, born in Marseilles, interdisciplinary in the soul. Both cosmopolitan-minded, sailing through contracts between services on behalf of prestigious agencies and more personal projects. Lovers of their craft, enriched by a democratic and uninhibited vision.

  • What distinguishes them?
    A poetic-rationalist sensibility for Fabrizio, one foot in history, the other in the news. A disruptive personality steeped in the strength of precursors for Marion, with a talent for listening and adaptability that has made the success of many before. Each their own style, each their own personality! Both are united by the will to create today’s living environments. Both express a certain attractiveness for the enhancement of artisanal know-how and artistic talents, and is the emotional driving force of their activity.
  • Their projects?
    A portfolio of private individuals (Venetian, Parisian-Mexican apartments), restaurants (Le quai du Port), shops (Cire Trudon), hotels. Limited editions.

• Dreams for the future?
Collaborations with John Pawson for Fabrizio; setting up an artistic collective for Marion!

• Mood?
Young, bright, sneakers. Energy and ideas to sell and to share!

We’ll touch base tomorrow for the continuation of our conferences!

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