Graphic design is a discipline of visual communication. Certainly! That said, it will not have escaped you that graphic design, long reserved for the spheres of communication and culture, has been widely exported into plain sight, no matter where or who we are.

To this refreshing frenzy, since it puts on the purity, simplicity and color, is sometimes added also the will to test the faillibility of our eye. Are we wrong? Do our eyes play a trick on us? The object or installation involves both the pupil and the analysis. The visual impact is striking.

The tendency illustrates a return to abstraction, Op Art and geometric games. Under the appearance of great regularity, objects begin to induce an unstable situation, bringing a much-welcomed vertigo.

From the centerpiece to the most discreet accessory, many objects become optical play and illusion. Let yourself be surprised by our 100% Graphic selection!

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