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Cécile Preziosa fosters the gentleness of clay


Set of ceramics. © Cécile Preziosa

For the first time this January, ceramic artist Cécile Prezioza will be presenting her beautiful stoneware and porcelain creations, tableware that is defined by its gentle simplicity.

Cécile Prezioza could have been an optical engineer, but her passion for stoneware and porcelain led her to choose a very different path. She has been a member of the Ateliers d’Art de France since 2016 and will be exhibiting for the very first time at Craft, Métiers d’Art. “My scientific studies provided me with a useful background, including for example a rigorous and methodological approach that provides structure and which is still useful in my work today. At that time, I was simply looking for a manual activity, but I never for one moment imagined that I would do it as a job one day. Right from my very first pottery lesson I loved the idea of creating objects and the contact with the clay”, Cécile reminisces.

At the end of her studies, Cécile Prezioza decided on a change of direction. She studied wheel throwing at Ludwig, a traditional pottery in Soufflenheim in France’s Alsace region and obtained her CAP diploma in 2011. She continued her training by learning about the composition of glazes. Over time, in her workshop in Saint Quentin de Blavou in the rural Perche region, she has developed her own, highly personal style: “A search for simple shapes guides me in my production of functional and yet visually-appealing objects that have a pleasant, sensual and matt feel to them. Gentle shapes and soft colours predominate.” Her palette showcases the grace of pastels that she delicately combines to compose her subtle chromatic harmonies.

Plates, dishes, bowls, cups, tumblers, jugs and salad bowls infuse a touch of timeless poetry into day-to-day life. “My style is becoming more assertive. It is continuing to evolve, whilst remaining faithful to my quest for simplicity, which is in totally in tune with the growing appetite for the authenticity found in craftsmanship, which isn’t going to stop so soon”, promises the inspired ceramicist, whose creations are sure to please.


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