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The Craft and the Makers. Tradition with Attitude


By Duncan Campbell, Charlotte Rey, Sven Ehmann and Robert Klanten.

Crafting is an ode to the singularity: that of the craftsman, its necessarily unique creation but also one that elects to all the temptations of mass standardization. Interest in the tradition of craftsmanship that requires time and expertise proves to be a major movement of an era that rears against the rules of “all the same”. In the preamble of this beautiful book, Duncan Campbell and Charlotte Rey state: “In an industrial civilization resting increasingly on automated production process, it seems important to reaffirm the significance of things made with passion and dexterity of the human hand.” The book demonstrates that the old crafts are proving to be an incandescent modernity. The masterful evidence of over 40 artisans. These makers of leather goods are deep in Sweden, a tailor in Berlin, potter in Japan, jeweler in Munich, customized motorcycles in Galicia or bicycles in France. But also chocolate maker, upholsterer, watchmaker, dressmaker, perfumer, kayak manufacturer … etc. We cross a beautiful porcelain brand like the Royal Nymphenburg or Dutch designer Aldo Bakker. We visit the scenes of workshops where manufacturing is the exception. Manifesto for the true luxury that marks the return to values of authenticity, a job well done, the long and slow time for working wonders.
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