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Anathomie’s magical work with volumes

Interior design

© O.Thomas Anathomie

Anna Golicz-Cottet and Olivier Thomas are members of Ateliers d’Art de France: their wire sculptures are poetic objects, imbued with humour, that marry weightlessness and impertinence, whilst inviting the spectator to interact with them.

In the aisles of the CRAFT, MÉTIERS D’ART sector of the trade show last January, visitors walking away from Anathomie’s stand all had a big smile on their face! Why? Simply because Anna Golicz-Cottet and Olivier Thomas’ wire creations have found the secret of enchanting the hearts and minds of all those who look upon them. Inspired by Egyptian mythology, Weigh me is a pair of scales on which you can weigh your soul. This whimsical machine measures the purity of your heart by comparing the force of your expiration… to the weight of a feather. At the end of the experiment, it prints out a philosophical message on a ticket you can take away with you. Just as magical is the bizarre Love me shirt, whose red heart begins to beat as you as you go near it. Stand in front of the full-length Inflate me mirror and all you need to do is blow on your reflection through a straw to see yourself inflate with pride and become, for a moment at least, literally bigheaded!

However Anathomie’s sculptures do not only wield humour. The inspirational drawings to which the wire gives shape bring grace to these symbolic pieces that find their way to your soul. These creations and their trademark use of wire are the result of the association of two artists in 2015. Ever since her studies at Académie Charpentier, Anna Golicz-Cottet has had a soft spot for the world of Alexander Calder, so her use of wire should come as no surprise. Equilibrium and transparency, what better medium to embody the shapes and calligraphies that her imagination gives rise to: “a dark lead to draw light lines”. In 2015 she met Olivier Thomas, an encounter that saw the meeting of her aesthetic and his scientific approach. After working for some twenty years doing research in the field of optoelectronics and lasers, this atypical character discovered a passion for art installations, worked with various artists and became a member of the ‘La superstructure’ cross-disciplinary collective. Using sensors and data collected on the Internet, he brings an interactive element to these sculptures based on his associate’s magical three-dimensional drawings.

Drawing and new technologies combine in a shared quest: “We are trying to find the narrow, but meaningful path that links weightlessness, impertinence and emotion, the one which takes human experience and uses it to transform objects into stories.” A painting that answers questions; a record player that brings to life strange nostalgic airs; a bra that moans when you touch the strategic nipple… Each creation hits home. In France, the duo has exhibited at MAC Paris and in various galleries and their work has also been shown in Europe, China, India and the United States. Anathomie’s poetry is set to enchant the world.



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