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Zanini de Zanine, the first M&O AMERICAS Designer of the Year!

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© Seth Browarnik / Zanini de Zanine

On December 4, at a Networking Event in Miami Beach, MAISON&OBJET brought together its decor-design community to announce the first M&O AMERICAS Designer of the Year: The Brazilian Zanini de Zanine. More than 210 guests, prospective exhibitors, journalists and VIPs were on hand, invited by Philippe Brocart and his teams to meet Zanini de Zanine along with the city’s Mayor Philip Levine in the beautiful New Word Center built by the famous architect Frank Gehry. The creator of designer furniture should give an official speech during the MAISON&OBJET AMERICAS show, scheduled to run from May 12 to 15 at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Philip Levin & Phillippe BrocartAndre Brugioni Poli, Roberta Queiroz, Mariana Amaral & Frederic BougeardEd Tobin, Frederic Bougeard, Philip Levin, Phillippe Brocart, Michel Vilair, Phillippe Chomat & Bob GoodmanEduardo Teixeira-Alves, Carla Sofia Elizundia, Emilio Cabrero & Marco CoelloFrederic Bougeard, Philip Levin, Phillippe Brocart, Michel Vilair & Phillippe ChomatMichel Vilair, Harrison Gale, Phillippe Chomat, Mandi Norwood & Courtland LantaffPhilip Levin & Phillippe BrocartZanini de Zanine, Taissa Buescu & Phillippe Brocart


© Seth Browarnik


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