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Meet Simone Pheulpin!

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Ateliers d’Art de France has invited Simone Pheulpin – winner of the ‘Le créateur’ 2015 award and author of ‘Un monde de plis’ for a book signing session. It is the perfect opportunity to discover the creative world of a woman with a golden touch, but also all the publications of the new Éditions Ateliers d’Art de France. To see for yourself, make your way to MAISON&OBJET on September 11th.

This will be one of the highlights at Villepinte in September. Éditions Ateliers d’Art de France (Ateliers d’Art de France’s publishing venture) was created in 2016 with a view to endeavouring to make the public more aware of the role of artists and craftsmen in society and to pave the way for the opening of a bookshop in the new CRAFT sector in January 2018. To provide a foretaste of this wonderful event, some forty of their publications will be on show at the entrance to Hall 5A during the September 2017 edition: Monographs, essays, technical and instructive books, and the latest novelty, a monograph dedicated to the glass maker Allain Guillot and the book “La Consigne, les dessins des métiers d’art”. In keeping with this young publishing company‘s ambitions, Simone Pheulpin will be present to sign copies of her monograph ‘Un monde de plis’ (Within the Folds) on Monday September 11th.

You have perhaps already come across Simone Pheulpin’s serene vision and unabashed interiority on the Franco-German TV channel Arte, which regularly broadcasts a documentary on her work (as part of its Reg’Art de Femmes series). It’s hard to imagine that Simone Pheulpin makes her extraordinary piece using simple strips of unbleached cotton, pins and a thimble, not forgetting a mountain of patience and flashes of brilliance that are also part of the meticulous process implemented by this textile sculptor from the Lorraine region of France, who now lives and works in Puteaux, near Paris.

The self-taught artist owns up to sometimes spending up to five hours on just one centimetre of fabric “when it’s making my life difficult and it needs convincing”. Over the last forty years, she has learnt to establish a dialogue with her favourite material: raw, ivory-coloured Vosges cotton, which she loves for the way it ‘catches the light’. Once she has cut it into strips, she makes small rolls of fabric that she combines and gives structure to using pins (up to 24,000 for one creation). The resulting folds and smooth, rough or silky surfaces comprise a sort of open-cast geology made up of faults and relief. The textures of her unique pieces have been freed from their textile origins, to become coral, vegetable or mineral-like creations. “I know what I am looking for, however the result is not always what I had imagined”, she confesses to Vosges TV. She would also like to create a cracked earth effect, something she can see it in her mind’s eye in addition to bark and even a wall! Once each piece is finished, she still hasn’t said her last word. Don’t miss the upcoming retrospective, ‘Un Monde de Plis’, devoted to the winner of the ‘Fondation Ateliers d’Art de France Le Créateur’ award 2015, which will be held at the Chapelle Expiatoire from November 10th to December 16th 2017.

Monday September 11th from 3 pm – 4 pm, CRAFT, stand J2.
www.simonepheulpin.fr spheulpin.free.fr
Simone Pheulpin – Reg’Art de Femmes: www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7qVufIATq0



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