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DEGRENNE new wave

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The tableware specialist is taking advantage of the next edition of MAISON&OBJET to unveil its new brand identity. Its logo, signature and the very spirit of the collections themselves have been totally renewed in tune with the French company’s core values: elegance, audacity and a quality lifestyle, not forgetting a light and soulful touch to boot! The new look DEGRENNE is already a hit as far as we’re concerned!

A wind of change is blowing and DEGRENNE, the company founded in Normandy in 1948, has decided to reinvent itself, both to come to terms with changes in consumer behaviour and to stay in tune with the spirit of the times. The DEGRENNE logo gets its capital letters back (which it had lost in 2003) and, in a return to its roots, regains its original grey. As for the logo itself, its rounded shape is a nod to the buffing and polishing wheel which transformed the raw steel collected from the tanks after the Battle of Normandy into ‘Guy DEGRENNE’ stainless steel.

A more refined aesthetic goes hand in hand with an aspirational brand signature: ‘DEGRENNE, l’Art du Moment’ in an invitation to celebrate the good living culture and those emotions that make a moment something sublime. This authentic slogan will be used in all the brand’s future communication and has already been deeply instilled into the spirit of the new creations. Online as well the revolution is in full swing: a new e-shop embodies a rethought social media strategy, which implements a more dynamic and interactive editorial policy.

In order to renew and revitalise its product range, the French brand has taken a new look at its various lines from three standpoints: Quotidien Design brings inspiration to everyday life; Artisanal Nature has a warm and authentic feel; and Tradition Gourmet creates precious moments outside of time. These three hubs will be the product presentation reference points in DEGRENNE’s stores.

Leading the way in showcasing this renewal, the sales outlets will gradually all get a makeover in tune with the brand’s new style charter and will showcase collections that will be renewed more frequently to follow trends in styles and colours. From the dining room to the living room and from the kitchen to the patio, these collections will henceforth be at home on every table. They are trendy and versatile and what better reasons to motivate an impulse buy.

Based on its undisputed reputation and the French clientele’s strong emotional attachment to the brand, DEGRENNE continues to put its quintessential know-how at the heart of its collections. To illustrate its ongoing commitment to quality and to develop awareness of its new world, DEGRENNE will be presenting a culinary event on its stand at Maison & Objet on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th September: the star attraction will be the iconic Thermomix steel bowl. At different moments throughout the day (brunch, coffee or hot chocolate with a selection of mini desserts or afternoon tea), visitors will be able to discover and delight in different recipes made with this unique all-in-one food processor. Don’t miss it!

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