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FUGA revisits Russian tableware

Home décor

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Thanks to one designer’s vision and the skills of craftsmen handed down through the centuries, the Cup tableware collection brings 11th century kitchen utensils to present-day Moscow.

This is what happens when a young and utterly contemporary Russian woman decides to take a closer look at the lifestyle products of days gone by. After graduating, designer Yana Osmanova’s first job took her to the USA. On returning to her hometown Moscow, she remembers: “When I was setting up my new home sweet home, I couldn’t find any kitchen utensils or tableware that I liked – so I decide to design my own.” An aesthete at heart, Yana Osmanova visited countless museums around the country looking for inspiration and realised that “In the 11th century, Russian tableware was actually made of wood!” She fell completely in love with the simplicity of these natural pieces and had the idea of bringing their shapes and decoration up to date, adding at the same time an extra dash of minimalism. She founded FUGA in 2015 and a new career was born.

These raw and essential bowls, trays, cups and dishes are made from oak sourced in the forests of Siberia. “We finish by applying linseed oil as they did in the olden days. It seeps into the grain of the wood and fills its pores. To get certain colours, we soak the raw wood in salt water, which causes a reaction with the tannins and gives a dark, almost black tone. All the techniques we use are completely natural and done by hand.” After just two years, the brand is working with two factories to meet its production needs and is selling its products to chic restaurants and prestigious hotels all over the world. People appreciate the collections’ simplicity and multi-functional nature: pieces can go from the kitchen to the living room and from the garden to the bathroom. What’s more, they’re beautiful, practical and easy to look after. All you need to do is to rub some oil into the wood from time to time. Not only does this preserve the aspect of the wood, it actually accentuates the patina so these pieces become more and more beautiful over the years, providing a heritage for future generations. All we need now is a furniture collection!



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