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Design meets fragrance with Ballon

Home décor

© Ballon

This small Japanese brand, launched in 2009, produces hand-sculpted plaster objects for diffusing essential oils. Their range comprises a fragrant cabinet of curiosities that is worshiped decorators and celebrities in Tokyo.

Cats and owls, rabbits and perfume bottles, medallions with flower or stylised letter motifs… the matt, white world of Izumi Suzuki certainly strikes a chord. Each patiently and meticulously designed handmade object is imbued with a gentle form of beauty reminiscent of the dolls’ houses of yesteryear. “It’s a family affair”, says Izumi, standing in front of her unusual collection and pointing at her sister, who is fastidiously putting away the fragrant objects that have been the key to their success in Tokyo. “We mould, smooth and decorate each piece in our workshop and then the object is placed in its box together with the essential oil chosen by the customer. We began with quite classic shapes inspired by French decorative styles”, she explains. It wasn’t long before several new and completely different collections followed on from the first and the sisters launched Bibliothèque Blanche, a new brand featuring their more artistic collections. The first was devoted to the world of the Star Wars saga; the second references stylistic elements that are particular to Marie-Antoinette, (whom the two sisters are fans of) and chandeliers, period shoes and jewellery bring Versailles back to life. The old and new creations alike are a big hit with department and concept stores and Tokyo’s museum shops, which proves that the two sisters certainly have a ‘nose’ for business!



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