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Wonderglass. Objects of feeling


The sublime production of Wonderglass lighting, founded by Maurizio Mussati, is based on the expertise of master glassmakers in Venice. A team of renowned international designers brings out a new aesthetic light, and under the leadership of artistic director Nao Tamuro, reveals the dream of a new wonderland.

Passion justifies the means. And his love for the Venetian glass found in the city he calls home is for Maurizio Mussati, CEO of Established & Sons, what led him to create his own structure after searching in vain to acquire glass by other means. Under the leadership of designer Nao Tamura, based in New York, Wonderglass has made a dazzling entrance on the design stage. Take for example the following list of exceptional pieces all blown by Venetian artisans: Flow [T] by Nao Tamura, Back Bat by Nendo, Masquerade by Jaime Hayon and Swarm by Zaha Hadid. “I wish to edit glassware that sculpts the light of dreams. Objects that arouse emotions, feelings, inner images and an invitation to stop, to look, to ask. Each creation must have the power to alter the atmosphere of a room,” says the entrepreneur esthete.

While visiting Venice Nao Tamura was seduced by the magic and surreal dimension of Serenissime and its lagoon. “People live as if inside an image or a painting. There is something like the magic of a circus. A city reflected in the waters of the lagoon. It was this green color that first inspired this creation. The horizon appears as a waterline or a separation between two worlds. Terrestrial and aquatic, the real and the unreal,” says the creator and artistic director of the project. “Glass blowing is ideal for exploring round and organic shapes. In fact, the creation of designer is oriented through an initiation into this craftsmanship, so that objects might be easy to design and produce. By crafting their own story, each designer will explore the magical aspects of their creation. Total freedom is allowed as long as respect is accorded to the constraints of the material.”

After giving carte blanche to personally selected designers, the founder of Wonderglass would like to move on to produce architecture projects. In 2015, interior designers will be sought after. “They are better able to translate our DNA by creating special objects that combine light and glass, an association which can change the atmosphere of a place, and through which we share our dreams and our aesthetic emotions. By choosing different professional profiles, we hope that our philosophy might be sensitively appropriate by our collaborators, and able to translate in a personal way their design. To accomplish this we will put them in front of glass, familiarized them with it through visits to our workshops and even let them blow their own prototypes. The purpose being that they fall in love, like us. That they begin to “dream blown glass” and coming up with all the possibilities that this very special material has to offer, instead of angular or impossible shapes. This encounter will stimulate their creativity. And the history that surrounds this Venetian expertise will also fertilize their imagination. Glass, the light emitted and the history that is the backdrop of Venice always lights a spark in people’s eyes. And it is this spark that I would like to shape with each and every creation,” argues Maurizio Mussati.

These objects of pure emotion, custom ordered, seek to capture the attention of interior designers. “We want to show what we can do to pilot a project. We can customize our production to the demand for any interior design project. Or to develop and manufacture ideas from interior designers for their projects,” says Maurizio Mussati. Some successful collections like Flow [T], will be published in a limited edition. “These objects might even one day be made in crystal. And who knows, one day might also begin production on something other than light … “ Something to keep an eye on.


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