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Citroën: Widening the scope of the motor vehicle


Limited editions, an avant-garde flagship store, crossovers with the worlds of fashion, design and architecture… Citroën has decided to implement a strategy that takes audacious creativity to new heights. Did you say on trend?

Citroën certainly isn’t lacking in courage and, in 2017, the brand with a chevron logo proved it with two headlining events. The first grand gesture was the opening of the ‘Maison Citroën’, a three-dimensional illustration of the brand’s “Be Different, Feel Good” promise. The 150 m2 space is the brainchild of LONSDALE AKDV, which broke with the accepted codes of car dealerships. This urban retail concept features the very latest in so-called ‘phygital’ in-store technology, in other words tools that invite the consumer to take part in a physical and digital shopping experience organised here into 4 phases: Attract, Display, Configure & Sale.

The journey already begins outside with an oversized, glass-covered façade equipped with a giant vertical screen showing images emblematic of Citroën. Once inside, the visit is fluid, fun and connected. All around the two vehicles on show, wheel rims, steering wheels and trim samples are displayed on the walls. Fabrics can be touched and colours appraised with colour charts. Another key tool is the Citroën Wall, a tactile table you can use to configure any model in the entire range: its high quality 3D images guarantee an extraordinarily immersive experience. What’s more, you can begin to configure your vehicle online in the comfort of your own home and then continue in-store.

Particular attention was paid to the convivial aspect of the Maison Citroën with Café André helping to provide a moment’s rest and relaxation, a cosy waiting area and a partition-free sales space. The manufacturer’s corporate culture hasn’t been forgotten either: a touchscreen opens the doors to Citroën Origins, the carmaker’s virtual museum. This first establishment of its kind will soon be followed by others with more openings planned for France and abroad, in particular in Belgium, Colombia, Morocco, China and Japan.

In such a setting the car appears as even more of a fashion object that follows current trends, to which bears witness the launch of the revolutionary Citroën E-Mehari styled by Courrèges, which was unveiled at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. The surprise collaboration brings together the car manufacturer – which wanted to give a new take on its legendary Méhari launched in 1968 – and the Courrèges fashion label, which revolutionised fashion in the 60s and 70s. The result is an exclusive 4-seater cabriolet that’s 100% electric and which comes in shades of white made simply sublime by the magic of design.

In September 2017, Citroën will be continuing the adventure with a new limited edition, this time dressed out in black vinyl and featuring a festival of technological innovations. Photographed by the famous British photographer Koto Bolofo, it sports a hard top, side windows and specific glossy black diamond-studded wheels. The interior has been completely redesigned with a new dashboard and trim options. It comes with matching two-colour Courrèges luggage and in a limited edition of just 61, in a nod to the year the fashion house was founded. Come see and touch it before anyone else during the special Design & Lifestyle exhibition during Paris Design Week.


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